Send Photos via Secure Email

The clinician has requested that you send through photos related to your virtual appointment today via email.

Push the button below to automatically open a new email!
Just attach your photos and push send!

One-Click Email

Button Doesn’t Work?

Manual Instructions

  1. Take 1-3 photos related to what you want to speak about with the clinician today
  2. Open your email application and compose a new email
  3. Type (or copy) into the ‘to’ field
  4. Type NHI into the Subject field
  5. Attach the photos you wish to send
  6. Send the email and check that it has been sent, the email may take a few minutes to send and should no longer appear in your ‘outlook’ in your email application
  7. You should receive a confirmation email shortly after you send your photos! The clinician will review the photos and make contact with you later today.

What happens to my photos?

Your photos will go into a secure inbox designed for your clinician to easily view your photos to help assist you faster.
The photos will automatically be forwarded and uploaded onto your file.
After the clinician is finished with your consult and your photos are securely uploaded to your patient file, the email will be deleted.

This inbox is only designed for photos related to an existing appointment. Please do not use this inbox to request appointments or send photos without a prior request from the clinician.