After almost 40 years of serving the community as a General Practitioner, Peter has decided the time has come to step-back from full time work.  As such Peter will be leaving Taupo Medical Centre (hereafter TMC) later this year in October.
During Peter’s time at TMC he has seen much change in the health sector and within the practice itself.  Peter started with TMC back in 1983 and during his time here he has provided GP services to many in the Taupo community.  Peter has also been a Director of the Company and acted as Chairman for several years.
In addition to working as a Doctor at TMC, Peter has also been active in the wider health sector representing Taupo on several regional health groups and committees. Peter has also taken an active role in the local community and in particular, his church.
Peter and his wife Jen plan to take a well earned rest and undertake some travel before coming back to Taupo.
Given Peter’s long-standing commitment to TMC, the Company Directors wish to thank him for his efforts and wish Peter and Jen all the best. We look forward to discussing future opportunities with Peter on his return.
TMC is presently talking to several GPs in regard to joining our team.  As such, once we have new members on board we will advise and give you more information.  However, should you want to register with a specific TMC GP prior to this, please let us know the next time you are in the surgery and we will endeavour to accommodate your wishes.